Happy Holidays 2019 ðŸŽ„🎅🏻

From the Celaya-Renaud’s!

Our hearts are particularly full this year. It was our first Christmas in our new house, our first Christmas with Lawson, and our family put an emphasis on less gifts, focusing instead on more time and experiences shared together. We had a house full of family and friends, catching up and sharing stories about their lives!

Our Christmas was celebrated on Saturday, Dec 21st. We were up early enough, and once everyone was at the house, we sat down and exchanged gifts. We chose to do a Secret Santa gift exchange, and I think it will be our new family tradition, as it went so well!

Here you can see Connor opening up his new light-saber umbrella! Now he can be a Jedi, Rain ☔️ or Shine ☀️

Chris was Jenna’s Secret Santa this year, and painted her a stunning portrait of her late dog, Freddy, who sadly passed away earlier this year, along with her new puppy, Koda. It was an emotional moment for everyone as she opened the gift and she took it all in 😭

Even though we said we were cracking-down on gifts, we made the exception that anyone under the age of 10 was exempt! Here’s Lawson with his new buddy, Scout! With two Eagle Scouts for Uncles, Mark and I knew it had to be his!

A quick pic from the kitchen! From Left, back row: Amanda Chiappone, Judy Renaud, Jessica Renaud, Nick Chiappone, Chris Renaud. Front two: Vaughn Crozier, Ricky Renaud (Me!), and Angela Leporati!

Here we have Kelsey, Leah and Connor hanging out in the living room. Someone’s probably playing video games…

Here I am posing with my Uncle and godfather, Leo! Check out that very appropriate Floridian Christmas shirt!

From left to right we have David, Mark’s best friend and Best Man from the wedding, my brother Chris, and Mark catching up in the dining room

Before everyone went their separate ways, we all played a gift exchange game known as a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s lots of fun, as you don’t know what gift you’ll end up with, up until the very end! Great Uncle Tom was SO excited to have opened…. Cheese balls and White Claw?? Ain’t no law with the claw, as they say…

Here we have nephew Grayson playing in the backyard with Koda!

On the couch in their PJ’s we have Jenna and Ashley

As you can see, we had a very full day, and a very full house, which kept our hearts very full! ❤️❤️❤️

Looking forward to celebrating New Years, and wishing everyone a good rest of their 2019!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2019 ðŸŽ„🎅🏻”

  1. Hi Rick,
    Wishing you and Mark a wonderful 2020.
    Thank you so much for your Christmas story. It was awesome. Almost feel like I was there. The photos were fantastic. What a beautiful park. I like your new way to celebrate the holidays. We should all take notice. Great idea.
    Wish were were all strong enough to join you with your 2020 resolutions. I think the whole world is to wrapped up in hi tec. It is in overkill. I am not on it much, it tends to make me nervious after abit. I use it mainly to keep up with family. That part is awesome.
    I have had bronkitis for 3 weeks so I have been in slow motion. Lol
    I will miss you but I am proud of you for your determination.
    Hi to Mark. Is is going to go off the grid to ? Lol
    I did not know Chris was so talented. The doggie picture was awesome. Of coarse little Grayson is super special. You and Mark are fun Uncles.
    Love you
    Great Aunt Pat


  2. Aww such a beautiful story of the holidays. Well written Ricky and love all the photos!! Any way to share with Aunt Pat??


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